About us

About us

It´s not just a camping, it´s a family hood

Överhörnäs Camping was founded in the middle of the 1950s and at first, small cabins were offered for rent. Some of the original cabins are still in use, however modernized.


Over time, it became more common for guests to use their own tents or caravans. With the increased demand for pitches, the campsite area grew over the years towards the river which used to be farmland. This area is what today consists of pitches all the way down to the river.


The campsite remained in the same family until 2017. In recent years the campsite was unmanned, hence the system of self-check-in was added.


Since 2018 Överhörnäs Camping is owned and operated by us, Matias & Jens. Us ending up with a campsite is a pure coincidence.

During the past 20years we have lived in numerous locations, China, Spain and lately USA. In short, we felt the time was right for us to find a more permanent residence, most preferred a city close toawesome nature.  With Jens having family ties to Ö-vik we felt the area was right for us. We were on the hunt for a land close to water for us to build a home, or an interesting existing property.


Through connections we found out that Överhörnäs Camping including two family homes were for sale. We immediately drove up here the spring of 2018 for a closer inspection. We bought it the same day!


To develop something on our own has always been a dream of ours and what not better than a seasonal campsite. To create a cozy campsite requires huge efforts and during the last seasons, to mention a few, we have created new pitches, renovated cabins and service buildings, built a new reception, created outdoor areas and built a webpage. Our ambition is to create the coziest campsite in the High Coast area!


Even though Överhörnäs Camping is a side business we take highly seriously we also have other full time jobs. Matias is a schooled solicitor and is today working with internal and external education within a government agency. Jens is a schooled car designer and is today working as a global design director for a Chinese company developing and manufacturing battery products.


Besides the two of us, our family also include our daughter Lilly and our French bulldog Cliff.


If you have any comments about what we are doing good and can do better, please talk to us. We highly appreciate feedback.


Matias & Jens

Flygbild över campingen 1960-tal

Matias & Jens

A portion of our fantastic crew