Home made food of high quality for adults and kids


Nacho plate

Minced meat, tomato salsa and cheese sauce

A selection of herring

3 types of herring, egg, fresh potatoes and sour cream

Cheese and ham toast


Pizza Italian style

- Mozzarella, salami, olives and arugula

- Mozzarella, ham, mushrooms and arugula


- Béarnaise sauce

- Garlic sauce

Meatballs and mashed potatoes

Served with sauce, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber. 

ÖC Burger

150g prime rib burger in a bun with cheese, onions, tomatos, salad and dressing. Served with French fries, pickled gherkin and coleslaw.

Västerbotten cheese pie

Served with tomato salad and mozzarella

Fresh pasta with meat sauce

Served with Grana Padano

For the kids

Home made pancakes with cream and strawberry jam

Meatballs with French fries 

Someting sweet

Vanilla ice cream with ward cloudberry jam

Grandma Siw´s wafer

Sticky chocolate cake with cream and strawberry jam


Chips, Nuts, Olives

Something from the bar

From the bar we can offer various drinks such as tap beer, bottled beers, wine, cider and cocktails.