Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Please read the rules below!


The campsite host and staff are responsible for peace and order, and are there to help if problems arise.

In case of complaints, please contact the staff immediately so that we have a chance to fix the problem.


We wish you a pleasant stay at Överhörnäs Camping!



1. Upon arrival, check in at the reception.

2. Talk directly to the campsite host about any requests or remarks. Please, always ask if you might have any doubts about what you can and cannot do.

Equipment and safety

3. Only one accommodation unit is allowed per pitch.

4. Caravans and motorhomes are to be reversed into the right side of the pitch. In light of fire hazard and everyone's safety, the minimum distance to the next living unit must be at least 4 meters. Incorrect parking must be adjusted immediately at the request of the campsite host. If not, the guest can be rejected from the campsite.
This regulation is taken from The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s publication about Fire-Safe camping. MSB 0042-09. You will find the information at the campsite reception and at: 

5. Campsite sockets contain 10amps. As a guest you are responsible to ensure your caravan/motorhome, connection cable and hooked-up electrical appliances are kept in such condition so they are safe to use.

For more information please visit the National Electricity Safety Board webpage regarding electricalinstallations at campsites:

6. In the event of fire, there are fire extinguishers located on the campsite area. Locations clearly marked with fire post signs. See the campsite area map for nearest location.

7. You are responsible to ensure that the gas equipment you use is approved in accordance with applicable regulations.

8. Drainage outlet from caravan / motorhome must be connected to an enclosed septic container.

9. Only one car is allowed per pitch or cabin. Other vehicles are to be parked at the visitor parking next to the reception. Visitor parking based on a first-come-first-serve principle. 


10. Temporary visitors to park vehicles at the visitor parking next to the campsite reception.


General Rules

11. When using motorized vehicles, please do not disturb others more than absolutely necessary. Watch your surroundings and drive at walking speed as short distances as possible. Walking speed also applies to cycling. No motor traffic allowed between 00:00 to 06:00 AM.

12. Show consideration! General disturbing behavior is not allowed which also include music, barking dogs etc. Between 11.00 PM and 07:00 AM it must be quiet at the campsite.

Music to be played with care and consideration to others. It means low volume during the day and silence between 11.00 PM and 07.00 AM.


Make sure your children pick a place for outdoor games that doesn’t unnecessarily disturb others. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to kick football among the campsite pitches.


Please respect the desire of others to be left alone.


13. Dogs must be kept in short leash and cared for outside the campsite area. Pets are not allowed in common areas such as the service buildings.

14. Barbequing at the campsite only to be done with grill/barbeque. Disposable grills are not to be used on grass surfaces. Remember to have water close at hand.

Barbequing over an open fire may only be done at the campsite's fire pit down by the pier.


Cleaning and hygiene

15. Please help us keep the campsite neat and tidy! Use the garbage containers on the campsite. We care for our environment and therefore household waste is to be sorted and recycled as far as practically possible. Recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging to be thrown in designated containers. Remaining household waste is to be disposed of in closed bags in the designated containers. Keep in mind to throw used barbecue charcoal and cigarette buts/ash in the intended container.

All containers to be found behind the toilet building.


Waste not considered as regular household waste, such as wood, textile, grills, porcelain, pots & pans, chemicals etc. are to be taken to the nearest recycling centre by the guest.


Any form of disposal of garbage in nature is prohibited in accordance with current conservation laws. Anyone not following given instructions can be rejected from the campsite.

16. Emptying of septic and gray-water containers only permitted in the designated waste station located near the campsite information board.


17. Washing of cars on the campsite area is not allowed.

18. Personal wash, washing of clothes and toilet needs to be done in sanitary facilities. Common service areas such as toilets, kitchen, wash and shower rooms to be left in the condition you personally wish to find them.

19. Rinsing of coffee pans, cooking utensils, etc. not allowed at freshwater taps located at the campsite area. Please use the kitchen instead.



20. Unless otherwise agreed with the campsite host, the pitch must be cleaned and vacated latest 12.00 PM on departure day. Cabins cleaned and vacated latest 12:00 PM. We are grateful to be notified of your departure day well in advance. If departure doesn’t happen as scheduled, you will be charged for an extra day and any additional cost related to the delay.


For cabins, cleaning can be purchased. Contact the campsite host for more information.



21. Överhörnäs Camping is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, the campsite guests property. If you, as a guest, damage buildings, materials or other guests property, you may be made liable for compensation in accordance with applicable rules.

22. Campsite guests are not allowed to grant access to external guests with their key tag or to leave their access code to others.

23. Överhörnäs camping is a tourist resort and therefore it is not allowed to use the campsite for other types of accommodation, eg. permanent residence or to register at the campsite.

24. Sales/trade at the campsite is not allowed without the permission of the campsite host.

25. If you disturb your surroundings to the extent that on-call staff / security companies must be called out, you may be charged a minimum of SEK 2500.

26. Överhörnäs Camping requests that all guests at the campsite show consideration and help to keep order. In the event of any violations to above simple and obvious rules of procedure, the staff has the right to immediately dismiss you and your belongings from the campsite area and also, at your expense, to remove vehicles and equipment. In case of rejection, you will not be refunded for the remaining stay.